24 Nisan 2011 Pazar

You're cordially invited

Welcome to The Daily’s special Royal Wedding section, coming to you every day this week with the latest news, gossip and stories from across the pond — in only the way The Daily can deliver it. All you have to do is download the app. Here’s a peek inside today’s coverage:

THE BUTLER SAID WHAT?! Our royal insider, Ashley Pearson, has the ear of palace insiders

WELL HELLO, YOUR ROYAL SLYNESS: Gemma Clarke on royal bachelor Harry’s life of drugs, scandal and cheekiness

THE LIST: “Mr. Bean” will be at the wedding, but Fergie will not. Who else was royally snubbed?

“I DO”: Not love you, but will you marry me anyway? Not all royals have married for love

SWEET ENDINGS: With legendary baker Sylvia Weinstock

The rest we’ll leave for you to discover on your own, but check back for another look at tomorrow’s edition.

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