12 Nisan 2011 Salı

Surprise, Benicio! Rod Stewart's daughter is having your baby

Kimberly: Hello, Benicio?

Benicio: Who’s this?

K: It’s Kimberly!

B: Who?

K: Kimberly Stewart. You remember. It was about three months ago?

B: Hmmm. Dark hair? Pink miniskirt? Trousdale?

K: No. I’m blond …

B: Oh …. riiiight. I think I remember you now. What’s up?

K: Well, I’ve got some big news.

That’s how Flash imagines the awkward phone call went last week, when Benicio Del Toro, the 44-year-old well-known womanizer, learned he will become a father for the first time. Full story.

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