20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

New kidnap fear

A Tennessee woman resembling Holly Bobo, the nursing student who disappeared last week from her home in the town of Parsons, says a man tried to abduct her in a similar manner in January. Heather Sullivan, who lives in Centerville, about 45 minutes east of Parsons, spoke exclusively to The Daily:

“I was getting something out of my car when I was grabbed by the arm by a man,” Sullivan told The Daily.

“I went completely numb. I couldn’t say or do anything,” she said. “I was in complete shock.”

Sullivan said she was carrying a coal oil lamp, which the attacker knocked out of her hand. It fell to the ground and shattered.

“The noise caused my boyfriend to yell out from inside my home to see if I was OK,” Sullivan said.

Startled, the attacker ran off.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation confirmed that Sullivan reported the incident to police at the time. A spokeswoman told The Daily yesterday it was investigating the possible connection between Sullivan’s case and Bobo’s disappearance.

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