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It's official: The West is obsessed with breasts

It's official: The West is obsessed with breasts:

DD is the passing grade on the West Coast, where nearly 40 percent of breast enhancement surgeries in the U.S. take place:

A new report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reveals that last year, nearly 40 percent of breast enhancement surgeries in the United States took place on the West Coast or Rocky Mountain region — close to three times as many boob jobs than in any other U.S. area.

The Northeast had just 42,663 women augmenting their chests in 2010, whereas from the ski slopes of Aspen to the hills of the San Fernando Valley, more than 100,000 women opted to up their bra sizes.

The Daily spoke to a number of experts, including plastic surgeons and artificially enhanced women, to find out what’s behind the numbers.

Tamra Barney of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” who in 2008 had her 34DD implants replaced with 34Cs, told The Daily that in the West, “women are more aware of their bodies — the aesthetic in the West is sex!”

According to Anna North, a Los Angeles native and staff writer for the women-centric website Jezebel, the ubiquity of bigger breasts out west is a product of culture.

“You have that influence of Hollywood and, to some extent, porn, since much of the industry is there,” she said. “That has an effect.”

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