20 Nisan 2011 Çarşamba

Big Google is watching

Google “solves” another nonexistent email problem:

In 2009, a feature called “Don’t forget Bob” was introduced in Google Labs. The Bob algorithm suggests a series of people for you to CC when composing an email. Last Wednesday, Google rolled out Bob as part of everybody’s Gmail service. The official Google blog post of April 13, 2011, said, in part: “We’ve received quite a bit of positive feedback from people who avoided some embarrassing situations thanks to these features.”

Really? I composed an email to my girlfriend with the subject “Lingerie party tonight!” Google suggested I also email my mother (65) and my daughters (10 and 16). Sweet!

So before Google has to roll Bob back and pay more money to more people (not a worry for them or us, really), we decided to think up some blockheaded features and save Google the trouble. These are on the house, Sergei. Simply reward us by never implementing them.

Click here for those blockheaded features.

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